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Top Ten Facts at 50!


         Ten things I’ve learned (too late, mostly) upon reaching 50 years


                                       10. THE DESIGNATED HITTER RULE SUCKS.

                                         9. SSSHHHHHH!

                                         8. GRANDPA WAS RIGHT.

                                         7. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU (REALLY).

                                         6. MUSIC PURIFIES. WRITING CLARIFIES.

                                         5. THE ARTS = SANITY + THE OUTDOORS = THE TRUTH

                                         4. EXTREME GRIEF + EXTRAORDINARY JOY = CHILDREN

                                         3. NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER LIE TO A WOMAN.

                                         2. IT’S THE FINANCE CHARGES, STUPID.

                                         1. THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE.

                                           One extra credit:
                                              LUCY WAS RIGHT- REAL ESTATE.

Humbly submitted, December 4, 2008
David P. Schneider

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