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  I recorded some of my music at Dave Feder's studio in the Keys. He sat in on Every Love Song and Stephanies Song as well. Dave's "Hillbilly Flamenco" and Blues styles are not to be believed. He is truly one of the smartest and most talented musicians I've ever worked with. I mean, this guy's for real. Treat yourself to his music world and preview his new CD at

  You can get versions of the very same set of Aerogolf featured in my article AeroGolf at the Cabin at
www.round-o-golf.com   Stand by for new Website to serve you better!!

Hey, you know how you are continuously bombarded by people emailing you links and other content, most of which are drek? Here is the BEST
            video link I ever received. Play this when you are down on the world:

  It's been many moons since my night with Dawn. The Marine Mammal Conservancy is still helping Whales and Dolphins when these extraordinary
             creatures need our help. The conservancy also supports bio-marine research and internships. To make a tax deductable donation or learn more, go

  In My travels to Europe, I rely heavily on Rick Steves. His travelogues, maps, guide books and website have proven invaluable. In addition, his
             "Back Door" approach to travel as well as his book Travel as a Political Act is spot-on in my opinion. I do not know the man but be seems to
              be one very cool guy. Access his stuff at

I read a blog I think you should read. Very insightful. From a young man it was my privilege to work with and for in the Keys.
              If you want an example of wisdom beyond years, read on:                                                                                                                        

How about some straight-from-the-hip in-your-face social reporting? My good friend John Balous definitely has a point of view.
                You don't need a thesaurus to know where you stand with this guy.

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