Welcome to SomePlace Else!
My Jukebox. Original Music Copryright D. Schneider, D.Seering

  On the left are a few of my originals. My Pal Dan Seering wrote some of these with me, and Dave Feder produced and sat in, among others. Every song has a story and if you're interested let me know. On the other hand, as Merwin wrote, "if it reaches you, it is it's own form.

  On the right, covers with only one thing in common: I get joy from singing them. 
These may take a while to load.

The Theme
: Someplace Else

   I stole the title of this song and this website from Jimmy Buffett, but he hasn't sued me yet. We were in Key West about a hundred years ago for an outdoor environmental benefit and Buffett said we were all there to keep Key West from becoming "some place else."
 I wrote the song the next day. Later I was awarded a grant from the Monroe County Council for the Arts to record it.

Someplace Else

One of many for Cindy...
Every Love Song

Seering's best lyric...
Gin and Ice

For my hope, my Sunshine...
Stephanie's Song

About the Cabin::
You Can Leave Me Here

Back by popular demand: BOAT SONG!
Here it is below...
I found a "playable" version (??!!)
From 1984
Nabholz- are you out there?!

Thanks for listening!

Some Favorite Covers:


She's Not There

The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore...

Daylight Again

The Shape of My Heart   I love this Sting record.

A young obscure, skinny blonde genius wrote this one in 1969. Her name: Joni Mitchell.
In honor of the 40th anniversary, I include it here.

Lee Shore... recorded live, Key Largo Bay Side Resort

And now some standards. Ah, a martini and a spotlight...

Every Time We say Goodbye  Now this is music. I Love the standards...

It's Alright with Me  Sinatra did it best...

What are you Doing The Rest of your Life   Best love song ever written in my opinion...

Well, maybe one more. I recorded it live at Cheeca Lodge. It is a favorite when I play in the Keys on the beach beneath the palms...

Jamaica Farewell

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