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Travels and Travails with David:

Almost Buying it on the Wreck of the Duane- Sucking air...
AWOL in Turkey-  Lost in Asia and Elsewhere
Orb Hunting in SedonaTribal Echoes in Americas Southwest
Abaco Bahamas Race Week! Yachting thru Paradise
Old Man of the Cloud Forest- Wheezing my way thru Costa Rica
Whale Sharks & Warm Jeeps in Yucatan Big Fish...real close
My Serbian Savior-  An enemy's Lecture on a train ride to Paris.
Voodoo and Oysters- New Orleans Weekend gluttony

The Outdoors:
Morning at the Cabin- There's nothing like it.**
Reprinted from Cabin Life Magazine

Nearer the Earth- On family and the sporting life.**
   Reprinted from Florida Wildlife and Wisconsin Natural Resources Mags

My Way -My father and legacy.
Gonzo Disk Golf at the Cabin

Moon Rockets- In the Everglades!? The Original
Swamp Rocket-Real ghost rockets in the Everglades.**
    Reprinted from Miami Herald Keys Life Sunday supplement
God's Copilot
Spending the Night with Dawn - She was splendid...
Top 10 list: Things I've learned at 50...
The Wisdom of Others (from my "Toolbox")

** Reprinted by publisher's permission / c.David Schneider

                                  C. David Schneider

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